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Welcome to this workshop on Paper Stars

This is an introduction into making paper stars by recycling paper that you have in your home, including your child’s drawings or paintings you’re not sure what to do with and not willing to part with yet. Why not turn them into keepsakes for yourself, child or to gift to family and friends.

In this class we will cover paper types, how to maximise cutting paper, method and time to fit into your day.

This information is to help you prepare for the workshop so we can get started on time and you can have all you need close at hand.



Any paper that you have at home. See list of examples.

White craft glue

Ribbon, string or yarn

Small paper bulldog clips, paperclips or pegs, not essential however helpful when putting together.


Types of Paper to use:

  • Newspaper
  • Butcher paper
  • Magazines
  • Junk mail
  • Old book pages
  • Florist’s paper
  • Children’s drawings or paintings
  • Brown paper
  • Wrapping paper that is not too flimsy or slippery
  • Used Poster that is not too firm or stiff



Cut 15 squares of paper of equal size. No smaller than 8cm squared and up to about 13cm squared. Pick the size you want to use and cut 15 pieces of that size paper. 10cm squared is good size to start with.

We will be folding each square of paper into a triangle shape and piecing together.

To start fold the pieces of paper in half, then open up and fold into half the opposite half, so there is a cross in the middle of each square. This is used as a guide; you can skip this step if you are confident in doing the next step without this guide.

Then fold the four corners of each paper square into the middle, so you will have a smaller square that will be the size of the point of each star.

Once you arrive for the workshop, we will continue to fold each square to form a triangle that is slipped into each other to form a star.


Looking forward to seeing your works of art!